Society Profile

Shri Bhagyalaxmi co-op Credit Society was established under the dynamic leadership of Shri Ningappa Irappa Kodoli. On 13 April 1995 under registration no.AR9/RSR/UOG/22324. Now the same society is converted as SHRI BHAGYALAXMI CO-OP MULTI PURPOSE SOCIETY LTD. Having (3) three branches at Bazarpeth Khanapur, Tilakwadi RPD Cross Star Tower Belgaum & at Kudale galli, Nandgad.

The purpose of co-operation among the societies, Shri Bhagyalaxmi co-op multipurpose society ltd has been established to create Resource Generation opportunity to people of various trades and most inclusively from marginalized group with a lesser income source for the advancement of saving and investment system. Though, there are different banks and finance companies with huge capital and technology, they are not yet able to provide enough service to the local people with the low income source. Now, Shri Bhagyalaxmi co-op multipurpose society is trying its best for the support of such people who are unable to get the banking service. From the local funding and with its honest management, Bhagyalaxmi co-op multipurpose society helps to increase business and income of the people with purposeful saving, empowering financial skill, enhancing experience and activities to local women groups, students, business people and cottage industrialists. You cannot only save your income in this co-operative society and take a loan against your profit making plan but you could make a sound deposit in your Fixed Account and reap higher interests. We believe in "Saving is also earning". We are always ready to support your self-confidence in action for specially the people who have a strong enthusiasm to overcome financial problems. In future, this organization envisions developing itself into a local development bank.

The Society right in the early 1995 when the concept was new to the banking industry, customer service was given top priority by the society ever since its inception. The society also gave at most importance to mechanization for improving customer service as early as in the year 1995. In addition to the above society is answering its social responsibility and commitments.


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